“You can actually go and design your own body and say I want to see what I look like with X pounds more muscle, with X pounds less fat, and it will actually take your avatar and show you what it will look like with more muscle or less fat,” said Farahbakhshian.

Users can train with professional trainers remotely, targeting goals and tracking their transformation on the app, he added.

Regular scales have shortcomings, in that they only show how much an individual weighs without context like body mass and muscle. For instance, a before and after image shared by Naked Labs with CNBC showed a marathon trainer in February and July. Though her weight only changed by about three pounds, this individual lost fat but gained muscle — underscored by a dramatic visual change that couldn’t be captured with a traditional scale.

“We’re learning really quickly with the body models – even two people with the same height, same weight, same body fat percentage can look totally different and there might be a whole host of health implications for having one shape and one type of distribution versus another.” said Sam Winter, a research scientist with Naked Labs.

Pre-orders for the scales and mirror were priced at $499 for early adopters, but the Naked 3D Fitness Tracker retails for $1,395 and is available on the company’s site for purchase. Pre-ordered scales have already begun shipping while new orders will ship this fall.




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