Hock Tan, chief executive officer of Broadcom

Martin H. Simon | Bloomberg | Getty Images

Hock Tan, chief executive officer of Broadcom

Broadcom is pledging to make the U.S. the “global leader” in 5G cellular with a $1.5 billion investment if the company’s proposed acquisition of Qualcomm is allowed by the U.S. government to go through, the company said Wednesday.

“Broadcom has a proven track record of managing R&D for maximum impact and investing in core franchises. Broadcom will not only maintain the R&D resources Qualcomm devotes to 5G and innovation in future wireless standards – we will also focus R&D spend to those critical technologies that are essential to the U.S.,” the company said in a statement.

U.S. officials this week deemed a potential merger of the rival chipmakers a national security risk and a threat to the country’s standing in the race to 5G.

The review by CFIUS — the U.S. Treasury’s Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States — has already delayed a proxy vote by a month and could force Broadcom to abandon its bid.

The company, currently based in Singapore, is in the process of re-domiciling in the U.S. and pledged Wednesday to create “a stronger combined American company” in its purchase of Qualcomm.