Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook.

Jaap Arriens | NurPhoto | Getty Images

Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook.

Facebook won’t split the News Feed into two after all.

The social media site said Thursday it was ending testing of the change, which would have pushed publisher content onto a second feed away from posts by family and friends.

“People don’t want two separate feeds,” Adam Mosseri, Head of News Feed, said in a blog post. “In surveys, people told us they were less satisfied with the posts they were seeing, and having two separate feeds didn’t actually help them connect more with friends and family.”

Users in the six test markets — Bolivia, Cambodia, Guatemala, Serbia, Slovakia and Sri Lanka — reported separating the feed made it harder to find important information, Mosseri said.

Facebook has made made several tweaks to the News Feed in recent months after revealing extended time spent on the app put users in a worse mood.

CEO Mark Zuckerberg said the site would promote “meaningful social interactions” by ranking posts between friends and real connections higher than posts by publishers or pages.