Branson said he had sat down and “talked about it” with Musk, alluding to the fact he might have imparted some paternal advice for the younger entrepreneur. He repeated that learning the art of delegation better would overcome “his one flaw.”

“Don’t feel you have to put out tweets about public shareholders, leave the public game to people who enjoy that. He obviously doesn’t enjoy it, so (he should) clear the decks and concentrate on the creative side,” Branson said.

Asked about the progress of his own Virgin Hyperloop One project, Branson said it was “very close” to being up and running, particularly in India.

“The Indian government have given the go-ahead from Mumbai to Pune and it’s the busiest road in India, it takes five hours to drive down it and it’s a nightmare, there are lots of accidents. And they’ve said we can build a Hyperloop right by the side of the road and cut the journey time down to half an hour. So that will start to be built next year and it will be the first flagship Virgin Hyperloop that will be built anywhere in the world.”

Demand for Hyperloops would be “gigantic,” Branson said, with talks going on for similar systems in Dubai and Saudi Arabia, he added. “It’s a business that I think has a fantastic future.”